Thrifting can be a completely different world compared to the mainstream shopping experience. If you’ve never thrifted before, finding pieces that you love can be overwhelming at times! There are so many racks, not a single item is the same, and more often than not, thrift stores can be cluttered and disorganized! So here are five tips to help you make your way through the maze and find yourself with great clothing items!

Tip 1: Search HIGH and LOW

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been perusing a thrift store, not finding anything I like until I look down on a bottom shelf, behind some other items, or hidden on the back of a top shelf; and then BOOM! My hidden treasure was right there the entire time and I ALMOST missed it! There can be hidden jewels everywhere! So my first tip would to be to take your time, don’t rush, grab a cup of tea or coffee and think of it as a scavenger hunt! 😉 Have fun with it!

TIP 2: Keep An Open Mind When It Comes To Sizing

Whenever I go thrift shopping, I never ONLY look in the women’s section or the section specific to my usual size. Instead; I like to peruse all of the different sizes (besides ones that would be too small) and will even check the little girls, little boys, maternity and mens clothing sections. I especially love to raid the men’s hoodie sections and kids tees. The graphic children’s t-shirts in larger sizes are some of my favorites to cut and turn into an adorable crop top! You just never know what you might find or fall in love with! Maybe you’ve been aching for a gorgeous over-sized sweater but you can’t find any in your size medium? Think outside the box and try looking in the size XL or XXL sweaters instead! So many of my favorite pieces from thrifting have been from sections and sizes that were never originally meant for me!

TIP 3: Shop Sales To Save Yourself BIG $$$$

Most thrift stores have select days and sometimes even daily deals or sales going on. An easy way to build up a fantastic wardrobe on a low or practically non existent budget is to call your local thrift shops and ask about their weekly or monthly deals and specials! Don’t forget to check if they have a Facebook page or email subscription!

TIP 4: Old Can Look New if You’re Ready to Get Creative

I once found an old pair of leather combat boots for $2 that were so adorable, I couldn’t even handle it. Problem was they had a few white scuff marks and  paint splotches on them. I ended up buying them anyways thinking that I would be able to clean them up and get the imperfections off.  I brought them home, bought new inner soles, got brand new laces, disinfected them, and even bought a fancy leather shoe cleaner…….but as hard as I tried , I COULD NOT get those paint splotches to come off. I was about to just toss the pair when I thought – why don’t I just roll with it? So I bought some white paint and splattered the heck out of those boots! In the end, they ended up being one of my favorite pairs of shoes and people constantly asked where I had gotten them. Never underestimate what a little creativity can do! Revamping old or worn items can be so fun and you always end up with a one of a kind piece in the end.

TIP 5: Cellphone Flashlights Can Be Your Best Friend While Thrifting

I think it’s a universal rule for thrift stores to contain terrible lighting. There have been too many times that I’ve fallen in love with an item of clothing, then gotten it home in some natural light to find that my item has stains, moth holes or yellowing! Water and oil stains can be particularly easy to miss in dim lighting. I always suggest using your cellphones flash light to check an item over before purchasing! This trick has saved me from buyers remorse more than just a few times!

I hope these tips will help you in finding those hidden treasures on your next thrifting trip! Do you have any thrift shopping secrets? If so – what are they?

Until next time!