Bodycon Bliss + Instagram Giveaway

Hello my beautiful friends! With all the buzz about bodycon dresses, I decided it was time for me to give one a try! Scroll down to read my experience! Plus- I am giving away a Missiu bracelet and a surprise gift on my Instagram! Hop on over to instagram @rachellekathleen to follow and enter yourself to win!  DSC_0025-10DSC_0023-10-2DSC_0061-10DSC_0039-10-2DSC_0029-9DSC_0109-8

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Generally I tend to steer away from skin tight clothing, mostly having to do with my own insecurities, but I’ve been trying to challenge myself to step out of my usual comfort zones and try new styles and be a bit more confident with my body! Since this was my first bodycon dress, I decided to opt for an inexpensive one and just see if it would be something I could even feel comfortable wearing. At first, I admit I felt a little bit weird. Mostly because this dress would not accommodate any bra I owned. I probably tried on about 10 bras before I just gave up. Secondly, I now understand why people who wear bodycon styles often, recommend buying a pair of spanx. Even my seamless no-show underwear showed through, so eventually I opted for a knock off version of seamless spanx I had purchased a few years ago and BAM, it worked. So if you are planning on purchasing a bodycon style dress, save yourself the time and hassle and just buy a pair of spanx right off the bat.

Now for the dress itself. Once I was past the awkwardness of  going bra-less and trying to find undergarments, I actually did really enjoy this dress. It was soft, warm, very comfortable and I think its quite flattering. However- as with anything skin tight, it will accentuate the parts of you that you may not want accentuated.

Overall: my experience was good, I wore it out dancing and didn’t end up having any troubles whatsoever. PLUS- It was under $20! Right after I purchased this dress they ended up discontinuing this color, but it’s now available in a stunning red, black and green. I’m thinking I may end up ordering another in the army green.  We’ll see <3 🙂

Until next time! XOXO


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