DIY: How To Change the Undertone Of Your Foundation 

Hello my beauties!

I hope you’re all have a beautiful day and enjoying the summer sun! Here is a quick little DIY on how to change the undertone of your foundation using food coloring. This is such a quick, inexpensive, and easy way to adjust your foundation to your exact skin tone! Whether you just got a new spray tan, recently got sunburned, or maybe just bought a foundation in a shade that was just ever so slightly off; don’t you worry!


  • A small container
  • The foundation you want to adjust
  • Food coloring (blue, yellow, green and red)
  • A mixing tool

What to do: I LOVE using this method because it’s SO simple to do once you know how!  All you need to do is figure out your undertone – then little by little, add the food coloring to your foundation until you’ve reached your desired shade. Keep in mind that food coloring is VERY pigmented and a little goes a long way. You can also easily stain your skin – so PLEASE please please do not apply the dye directly to your face. I like to lightly dip the end of a brush (non fluffy side) into the dye and then mix it little by little into my container of foundation. 

Note: I highly recommend testing the foundation on a small area on your arm or leg before applying to your face! JUST in case you may have any unknown allergies to the dye! 

What I used:

 I have a VERY yellow/green undertone and because of self tanning – my yellow tones become even more prevalent! So for my specific mixture – I used around 8-10 pumps of foundation to one drop of yellow food coloring. I highly recommend using a separate container to mix your foundation and coloring. That way, if something goes terribly wrong, you’re not left with a big bottle of awful colored foundation  

 On the top of my arm, you can see the original foundation has a pinky undertone, while on the bottom you can see that the foundation now has a very yellow undertone! 

How do I know what my undertone is?:

Here is a GREAT chart to help in finding your undertone

I found this chart on Pinterest and it is a great way to quickly figure out what your undertone is! (All credit goes to it’s original owner – but I could not find an original source link! Sorry! ) Here is the link for Pinterest:

How do I know which colors to add?:


Now that you know your undertone: It’s just a matter of finding which colors will bring your foundation nearer to your skins natural shade! Above is a little chart I made to hopefully help you in finding your specific color adjustments for your specific foundation! If you use both the skin chart, as well as the color chart! You’ll be mixing and matching foundations like nobody’s business in no time!

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I hope you all have a beautiful day!