Dose Of Colors Lip It Up Satin Lipstick Review And Unboxing – Rachelle Kathleen 

Hello my beautiful people!,

I was SO stoked when I received a box from Dose of colors the other day! They have seriously been spoiling me with some goodies as of late. The latest and greatest being this BEAUTIFUL Satin Lipstick from their Lip It Up line. So let’s go ahead and get started!


Oh my goodness the packaging!  These lipsticks have a beautiful, sleek and solid faux rose gold casing that glides like butter up or down when you twist the bottom section of the tube. They look and feel solid, and that gives them a truly luxurious feeling when you’re using or holding them! I found myself being SO careful as I was opening them because they really are THAT pretty lol! These lipsticks are also larger than your regular lipstick. I would compare them to the size of liquid lipstick or jumbo lip crayon.


I was more than impressed with the packaging of these. If I were to be extremely (and I mean EXTREMELY) picky about these; the only negative that I’ve seen or noticed is that when the lipstick is lowered all the way, the logo and tip don’t line up (as seen above). Which personally doesn’t bother me one little bit! However I thought it’d be worth a mention just in case that is something that may drive you bonkers

Color and Application: 

The color scheme and selection in this line makes me melt. You’ve got muted nudes, pinky nudes, brown nudes, dark nudes, light nudes, rosy nudes….need I go on?! You have it all! I honestly don’t think there is one color in this entire set that I wouldn’t wear or love. I have NO complaints on the color scheme or selection of this collection. I really feel they put a lot of time into not only each color – but the entire set as a whole as well.

Pigmentation and Application:

As far as pigmentation and application goes, the lipstick itself feels very moisturizing, creamy and buttery when applied. It is VERY pigmented and I found that it went on evenly and lasted me until I ate lunch in the afternoon around 5-6 hours from the time I first applied it. They set and act like a true Satin. Not too matte, but not too glossy either. I did notice that this lipstick did start to set and separate a little bit into the the dry areas of my lips by the afternoon. However, it was only noticeable when I was looking closely and this tends to happen with any lipstick for me unfortunately.

In Summary:

These lipsticks are great. On the scale of 1-5 stars, I would give them a 4.8. They are seriously SO close to being absolutely perfect in my opinion and I just love them. It’s not often when you can look at a makeup collection and say “I love and would wear every color in that collection”. So for me that definitely tipped the scale!

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