Love Is Sweet

Hello Friends! <3

This week has felt like an incredibly long one and although I’ve been meaning to post, I came down with a fever that has literally knocked me out for this whole week! UGH 🙁  BUT- I was lucky enough that I didn’t get sick until Monday and was still able to celebrate Valentines Day! My wonderful fiance Daniel took me for an amazing surprise weekend trip! We went to an adorable little tourist town about an hour from where we live and boy was it nice to just get away. Daniel being the amazing man he is- brought the camera so I could have some new looks for the blog! What a sweetie pie!

This was my look for our Valentines dinner. I know, not very colorful. But to be honest, I’ve never loved wearing the color red or pink all that much and black just looks amazing for any occasion!

Also, I couldn’t find the exact items I was wearing for you all, but was able to find some VERY similar ones in case you want to buy this look for yourself 🙂 Links are at the bottom of the post.


I hope you all enjoyed this look! And I also hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day and week!

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Until Next Time <3 XOXO