Maroon Jumper – Being Thrifty

Hello my beautiful friends!

This week I am still getting over whatever sickness it is that I caught last week. Still have the sniffles, cough, exhaustion and congestion but overall I’m feeling much better! Thank goodness! It’s really been slowing me down as far as keeping up with my IG, the blog  and just life in general.

I am however super excited because today I have one of my FAVORITE recent thrift shop finds! This whole outfit cost me $8. How awesome is that? I’m a total thrift shop junkie. I LOVE going thrift shopping and finding items that maybe I wouldn’t usually grab in the stores. It’s also a total rush to be able to spend $20 bucks or less to find a whole new outfit. But the biggest plus?!? It makes me feel great at the end of the day to know that I am recycling and reusing and doing what little part I can to keep our beautiful world green! <3


 I tried to find a similar romper for you guys but didn’t have much luck finding the exact one! However, if you’re dying for a maroon romper – This one from Poshsquare is TOTALLY adorable and is similar in style!

I actually got my maroon pointed flats at Old Navy in the store ($6) on sale! But if you’re in love with these flats- they are available online right now! Just not as inexpensively. So if you have an Old Navy near you- it might be worth a try to stop in and see if you can find them cheaper in stores! But if not- here is the link! 

Hope you all loved this look as much as I did!

Until Next Time!! XOXO <3