Seasonal Transitions


I find that 99.9% of the time, when picking out what I am going to wear for the day, I honestly always reach for whats simple, easy and maybe even a little bit understated. An over sized sweater, some textured jeggings and a pair of statement heels or boots are one of my favorite fall/early spring and or end of winter outfits. It’s just comfy and easy to throw together in a hurry! Plus there’s the added bonus of not having to carry around a coat or jacket all day and feeling like an overstuffed burrito…..But then again…. Maybe that’s just me lol! 🙂 Either way, it’s warm, comfortable and I would totally wear this out and about, going to run errands or even just snuggling up to a cozy afternoon with my handsome man at home <3 

What’s your go-to transitional outfit for those in between seasons?

Until next time! XOXO