Thrift Shop Finds – Orange Tee with Distressed High Waisted Shorts

Hey there beauties!

Here is a simple, springy, yet sophisticated look  using a few thrift shop items as well as a few other goodies that I will link below! I hope you all love it!

The first part of this look was the shirt. I’ve been trying to go outside of my usual black and white box and start exploring more color in my wardrobe. I decided to go all out and opt for a bright, caution sign orange Hanes T-shirt that I picked up from my local thrift store in the little boys section for 99 cents! I generally wear a size small-medium in women’s t-shirts, so once in awhile I can find adorable shirts for pocket change in the kids thrift sections! I also chose a Hane’s Tee for the fact that they’re almost always 100% cotton! Cotton is one of my favorite spring/summer fabrics because it’s cool and whisks away your sweat while still letting those cool breezes through!

Next are these high waisted, denim Levi shorts that I also picked up from my local thrift store. These were originally a high waisted pair of jeans, but I had been dying to have a pair of light wash-distressed  shorts and these turned out to be the PERFECT pair for the job!

I’ve never been a big jewelry person – so instead I invest in shoes, belts and bags! What’s even better is when you find amazing deals on all of them!

This adorable belt was $3.99 at my local thrift store! It was in a bin that you had to dig through and untangle the belts just to see anything! But well worth the effort in the end! Here is a similar one you can buy online: HERE

I am in love with this Guess bag. I was able to pick this beauty up for a STEAL of a deal from my local TJ-Maxx; It was only $24.99…TOTAL! The bag is so sleek with a simple, compact design. I love the little key chain question mark accent along with the durable fabric. I love the fact that this can be played down for very casual wear, as well as played up for a more sleek or formal look. I’m also always a sucker for any bag that’s all black. This is because I’m lazy and I hate having to switch purses! If I have an all black bag, it can pretty much look great with any outfit! You can shop similar styles: HERE

Last but not least are the shoes and hat!

These shoes are a pair of boot heels I ordered right off of Amazon ([HERE]) ! I love amazon for items that I can’t just go and purchase from where I am. I don’t always have a lot of options when it comes to clothing stores, so Amazon is the next best thing for me when I need an item to complete a look in a pinch! This hat is one that I also picked up from a thrift store (DON’T WORRY: I thoroughly sanitized it before wearing). Here is the link to a similar and adorable hat that can still be bought online!: HERE

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you all have a beautiful day!