Makeup: 4th Of July Confetti Eyes

Hello my beautiful friends!

I know this is getting up SO late lol! Better late than never though right? This look is geared specifically toward the 4th of July… but I  think this is a totally fun makeup look that could be done with any color combo of your choice. You could play it up with pinks or yellows! Create a dark but playful and sultry look with blacks and blues. Your imagination truly is your only limit here!

This look may seem complicated, but it’s actually a great look that I feel anyone could accomplish with the right tools!

For this look: I used a nail dotter to apply the speckles to my eyes. You can pick these up at any nail or beauty supply store (drugstores probably have them too).  If you don’t have a nail dotter lying around however, no worries! You can use the end of small makeup brush or cut the sharp tip off of a toothpick. Simply dip your tool into the liquid lipstick and dot it onto the lid of your eye. You want to try and concentrate the majority of the dots towards the lashline. This gives that ombré and “blended” effect even though essentially, the upper lid of this look requires no blending!! I also used a very light wash of brown eyeshadow underneath the dots to give it just a bit more depth.

On the lower lashine, I added a pop of aqua blue and a small nail rhinestone that I also purchased at the beauty supply store.

Products Used: 




Primer: Porefessional Primer

Foundation: http://www.narscosmetics     Sheer Glow Foundation 

Concealer: @elfcosmetics Hd Lifting Concealer 

Contour/Bronze: @hardcandylife Look Pro Ultimate Contour and Skulp Kit and @maccosmetics Bronzing Powder

Powder: @beautybakeriemakeup Translucent Flour

Blush: @tartecosmetics Amazonian Clay 

Highlight: @anastasiabeverlyhills Moonchild Glow Kit (also used in inner corner of eyes) 

Setting Spray: @hardcandylife Sheer Envy Luminous Setting Spray 




Shadow: @mymakeupbrushset Ultimate 250 Eyeshadow Palette and @jeffreestarcosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks in “Blue Velvet” “Redrum” and “Drug Lord” (to make dots) 

Mascara: @maccosmetics False Lashes in Extreme Black

Brows: @bhcosmetics Flawless Brow Trio




@jeffreestarcosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Redrum



I hope you all loved this look! ❤ Don’t forget to use the hashtag #rachellekathleenmakeup any time you recreate a look!

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The Look: Red, White and Blue -Rachelle Kathleen

Hello my fashionistas!

I recently put together a simple and casual 4th Of July outfit! BUT LOL! Funny story about these jeggings; I ordered them in three different sizes to make sure I was getting the fit I wanted. After trying them on, I ended up liking the size small for myself. Unfortunately instead of grabbing the size small for these pictures, I grabbed the size medium and didn’t realize until after it had all been said and done! Whoopsie! All things considered, for being a size too big, the fit of these jeans/jeggings is still crazy amazing. So I apologize that the fit looks a little funky! However these are still my favorite high waist fit at the moment and you can look forward to seeing them again and again in the future 😋

Add a fun and festive headband to amp up this look even more! This is actually a bandeau I got on Amazon and tied in a knot at the base to fit my head!

Also: You see that glow? 😍 

In this look I used the Iconic London Illuminator on my face as well as lightly on the highlights of my body! This stuff is amazing for creating a subtle to a bright glow! 

I hope you all loved this look and have an amazing day!

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PR Unboxing and First Impressions: Shany Cosmetics 

Hello my beautiful friends!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day!

I received an awesome box in the mail recently from Shany Cosmetics! I haven’t tried all of these products yet in depth, so if you see a product you’d LOVE to see a full review on, just let me know in the comments below! Let’s get started on the Unboxing: 

The first thing Shany Cosmetics sent was this beautiful set of their Artisan’s Easel Brush Stand with 18 Brushes. 

My first thought upon opening these – is there is no brush stand lol. It’s actually a case! However, this case has a hard cover and if you turn the case inside out and attach the Velcro in the opposite direction  – it can stand on its end on a flat sturdy surface. I actually ended up liking this better than your typical brush stand. I find that most stands take up too much room and this case feels so nice, is compact, sturdy and holds the brushes securely and well. 

The brushes themselves feel very nice, soft and the hairs are compact and didn’t shed when I pulled on them. They’re a sinthetic hair, feel solid and have a beautiful, sleek, classic brush design featuring their logo. I haven’t tried these yet, but so far they seem like a high quality synthetic brush set, especially for the price( $25).

The next thing they sent was this incredibly fun Makeup Blender Puff Sponge, set of 10. OMG – These are so cute you guys! I’ve never seen so many different shapes or colors. To me, these feel and perform SO similar to the Original Beauty Blender. They’re soft, but firm. They don’t expand too much or become too porous when wet. They apply foundation or powder very well. I really liked these a lot. And again – for the price – they’re pretty incredible. ($20 for full set) 

Next are these Duchess Liquid Eyeliner Pens. Upon opening these I was disappointed, at first I thought they had dried out because I was getting no color production. However it’s been HOT here lately and they may have gotten a bit too much heat in transit because all I had to do is give them a good shake and BOOM. The pigment came out dark black and solid. I’m not sure how long or well these wear, but the color glided easily and pigmented onto my skin and didn’t bleed into the fine lines of my hand. I really really like the different tip options as well. This makes it so easy to create different looks and keep a sharp line. ($30)

Last, but certainly not least from Shany Cosmetics was this AMAZING 7 Layer All-in-One Masterpeice Makeup Set. This is one that I haven’t had the chance to play with much yet, however I did swatch quite a few shadows and they felt sooooo nice, creamy and pigmented. 

I think whether you’re JUST starting out with makeup, giving someone a gift, or you’ve been doing makeup for a long time. This is such a fun set and offers a HUGE color selection. I was SO EXCITED when I opened this and I would TOTALLY recommend this for those who are wanting to have a large variety of colors all in one compacted box set.

These lippies actually blew me away. A lot of times when you get a lip palette, the formula won’t be consistent or the shades end up being more like a sheer gloss than an actual lip color. These are very pigmented but totally buildable as well. I could wear these sheer or as a full on lipstick. None of these shades dry matte that I noticed however. They all stay either glossy or Satin. So if you wanted to create a matte look with these, I would simply (and very lightly and sparingly) tap some loose transclucent powder on your lips to create the matte effect. 

I’m not sure if these creams are meant more for foundation or for concealing and contouring. I would personally use these as a concealer or contour however. They’re a heavy, thicker formula that in my opinion is very full coverage. Most of the light shades contain a pinky undertone. Which for me, works well for under eye bags and concealing but wouldn’t work so well as an ALL OVER foundation or concealer.  The darker tones are quite warm however and are the perfect shades for warming up and bronzing the skin. 

As for blush – I have no complaints! These are beautiful, smooth, pigmented and would be easy to mix and match shades if you wanted to! 

You can purchase any of these items here:

All of these items cost under $50 and are cruelty free! 

Hope you all loved this Unboxing and First impressions! 

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I hope you all have a beautiful day!