The Look: Red, White and Blue -Rachelle Kathleen

Hello my fashionistas!

I recently put together a simple and casual 4th Of July outfit! BUT LOL! Funny story about these jeggings; I ordered them in three different sizes to make sure I was getting the fit I wanted. After trying them on, I ended up liking the size small for myself. Unfortunately instead of grabbing the size small for these pictures, I grabbed the size medium and didn’t realize until after it had all been said and done! Whoopsie! All things considered, for being a size too big, the fit of these jeans/jeggings is still crazy amazing. So I apologize that the fit looks a little funky! However these are still my favorite high waist fit at the moment and you can look forward to seeing them again and again in the future 😋

Add a fun and festive headband to amp up this look even more! This is actually a bandeau I got on Amazon and tied in a knot at the base to fit my head!

Also: You see that glow? 😍 

In this look I used the Iconic London Illuminator on my face as well as lightly on the highlights of my body! This stuff is amazing for creating a subtle to a bright glow! 

I hope you all loved this look and have an amazing day!

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Casual Princess 

Hello beauties!

Here is a fun outfit I put together and wore out to lunch with my boo thang! I LOVE the classic Disney princess movies – so when I saw this shirt, I HAD TO HAVE IT. Etsy gets the best of my bank account sometimes! 😅 And since I know you’re all wondering: YES – THEY HAVE ALL THE PRINCESSES!……. Basically – That’s the kind of news that requires a moment of silence and a chair to sit down. 😂 I’ve only purchased Cinderella so far, but I have this feeling that somehow each and every single one of these shirts is going to be in my collection and wardrobe soon enough 😏

Don’t mind my dirty shoes 😭

Shop Princess Vogue Shirt (Etsy) Here:
Shoes: originally from Aeropostale, but bought a LONG time ago. Shop a similar pair here:

Jeans: I was able to find these at my local thrift shop! You can shop a similar pair of cropped jeans here:

I hope you all love this look! 

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Have a beautiful day loves!