The Look: Red, White and Blue -Rachelle Kathleen

Hello my fashionistas!

I recently put together a simple and casual 4th Of July outfit! BUT LOL! Funny story about these jeggings; I ordered them in three different sizes to make sure I was getting the fit I wanted. After trying them on, I ended up liking the size small for myself. Unfortunately instead of grabbing the size small for these pictures, I grabbed the size medium and didn’t realize until after it had all been said and done! Whoopsie! All things considered, for being a size too big, the fit of these jeans/jeggings is still crazy amazing. So I apologize that the fit looks a little funky! However these are still my favorite high waist fit at the moment and you can look forward to seeing them again and again in the future 😋

Add a fun and festive headband to amp up this look even more! This is actually a bandeau I got on Amazon and tied in a knot at the base to fit my head!

Also: You see that glow? 😍 

In this look I used the Iconic London Illuminator on my face as well as lightly on the highlights of my body! This stuff is amazing for creating a subtle to a bright glow! 

I hope you all loved this look and have an amazing day!

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Creative Combo For A Sleek Style – Feat. PBL Leggings

Hello my beautiful friends! Its been TOO long. All of this wedding planning and work has thrown me for a loop but I’m going to try to keep my blogging more regular from now on. This was a quick look I put together for a spur of the moment shoot with my wonderful friend Jenna Martin. She is photography goddess and if you haven’t heard of her – I highly recommend checking her out ( Link Here )! She does some beautiful under water photography and is downright one of the biggest sweethearts around!

I hope you guys love this look! I always love reading your comments and hearing from you! All my clothing info will be at the bottom! ❤ So keep scrolling!


For this look I am actually wearing a swimsuit as a bodysuit here; because why not?!  I love mixing and matching things that you usually wouldn’t pair together. I feel like this outfit gives me that different/eccentric vibe without being too over the top. I like to keep things classy but sassy 😉

My swimsuit was one I found online as kind of a knock off version of the “Nasty Gal Alina” swimsuit ( Buy Here ). I saw that swimsuit in a Instagram photo and I instantly fell in love! So – of course I went to go buy it and unfortunately the cost was around $80. WAY out of my budget at the moment so I settled for a inexpensive version that I purchased off of If you haven’t heard of Zaful it’s an online store that has a lot of styles based off of other more expensive brands or pieces. The unfortunate thing about Zaful is that you really do have to read reviews and be careful of what you buy. You can end up getting products that are WAY off the mark from what you ordered and just in general not as high of quality.

However, I was pretty happy with this purchase for the price of ten bucks. I really wasn’t expecting it to be amazing so I think I prepared myself sufficiently for the bit of disappointment I faced. First off; the lining in the bottom of the swimsuit was just-not-there. As I’m sure all of my lady friends know – no lining; NO swimming. So as far as that goes, I won’t be wearing this in the water because it would be completely see through. Second, it came with breast liners/cups but they were about five inches too low which made me look like my breasts were on their way to China! I ended up just cutting the liner out though and that solved the sagging breast problem. So for $10 (Buy Here)- I recommend this if you’re just looking for a bodysuit to wear with jeans/skirts/leggings. Not so much if you’re looking for an actual swimsuit though!

Now as for these leggings! They are called the PBL (Perfect black leggings) and I LOVE them. My friends at Venus Cow (Link Here) sent me to these to try out and they are fantastic. They give great support and structure for that booty, wash well and are just overall VERY well made. I love that they also have a bit of a higher waist. I wear leggings ALL THE TIME and its nice to be able to have a pair that can work well with crop tops as well.


I hope you all have a beautiful day!



Street View

Hello my beautiful friends!

It feels like it’s been forever since I last wrote! My internet has not been working for a couple of days now and it’s been driving me BONKERS. Thankfully it is finally working though! So as promised on my Instagram – Here is my latest look!


BTW- These fabulous heels were sent to me by OhSoChic Shoe Boutique ❤ They are the “Trista” heels and OH MY GOODNESS! I am in love with these beautiful, glorious heels! Click on the link if you would like to purchase them and spoil yourself 🙂

 I hope you all enjoyed this look and maybe even get a little bit of inspo for your next date, party or night out!

Until Next Time! XOXO ❤


Maroon Jumper – Being Thrifty

Hello my beautiful friends!

This week I am still getting over whatever sickness it is that I caught last week. Still have the sniffles, cough, exhaustion and congestion but overall I’m feeling much better! Thank goodness! It’s really been slowing me down as far as keeping up with my IG, the blog  and just life in general.

I am however super excited because today I have one of my FAVORITE recent thrift shop finds! This whole outfit cost me $8. How awesome is that? I’m a total thrift shop junkie. I LOVE going thrift shopping and finding items that maybe I wouldn’t usually grab in the stores. It’s also a total rush to be able to spend $20 bucks or less to find a whole new outfit. But the biggest plus?!? It makes me feel great at the end of the day to know that I am recycling and reusing and doing what little part I can to keep our beautiful world green! ❤


 I tried to find a similar romper for you guys but didn’t have much luck finding the exact one! However, if you’re dying for a maroon romper – This one from Poshsquare is TOTALLY adorable and is similar in style!

I actually got my maroon pointed flats at Old Navy in the store ($6) on sale! But if you’re in love with these flats- they are available online right now! Just not as inexpensively. So if you have an Old Navy near you- it might be worth a try to stop in and see if you can find them cheaper in stores! But if not- here is the link! 

Hope you all loved this look as much as I did!

Until Next Time!! XOXO ❤


Love Is Sweet

Hello Friends! ❤

This week has felt like an incredibly long one and although I’ve been meaning to post, I came down with a fever that has literally knocked me out for this whole week! UGH 😦  BUT- I was lucky enough that I didn’t get sick until Monday and was still able to celebrate Valentines Day! My wonderful fiance Daniel took me for an amazing surprise weekend trip! We went to an adorable little tourist town about an hour from where we live and boy was it nice to just get away. Daniel being the amazing man he is- brought the camera so I could have some new looks for the blog! What a sweetie pie!

This was my look for our Valentines dinner. I know, not very colorful. But to be honest, I’ve never loved wearing the color red or pink all that much and black just looks amazing for any occasion!

Also, I couldn’t find the exact items I was wearing for you all, but was able to find some VERY similar ones in case you want to buy this look for yourself 🙂 Links are at the bottom of the post.


I hope you all enjoyed this look! And I also hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day and week!

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Until Next Time ❤ XOXO


Bodycon Bliss + Instagram Giveaway

Hello my beautiful friends! With all the buzz about bodycon dresses, I decided it was time for me to give one a try! Scroll down to read my experience! Plus- I am giving away a Missiu bracelet and a surprise gift on my Instagram! Hop on over to instagram @rachellekathleen to follow and enter yourself to win!  DSC_0025-10DSC_0023-10-2DSC_0061-10DSC_0039-10-2DSC_0029-9DSC_0109-8

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Generally I tend to steer away from skin tight clothing, mostly having to do with my own insecurities, but I’ve been trying to challenge myself to step out of my usual comfort zones and try new styles and be a bit more confident with my body! Since this was my first bodycon dress, I decided to opt for an inexpensive one and just see if it would be something I could even feel comfortable wearing. At first, I admit I felt a little bit weird. Mostly because this dress would not accommodate any bra I owned. I probably tried on about 10 bras before I just gave up. Secondly, I now understand why people who wear bodycon styles often, recommend buying a pair of spanx. Even my seamless no-show underwear showed through, so eventually I opted for a knock off version of seamless spanx I had purchased a few years ago and BAM, it worked. So if you are planning on purchasing a bodycon style dress, save yourself the time and hassle and just buy a pair of spanx right off the bat.

Now for the dress itself. Once I was past the awkwardness of  going bra-less and trying to find undergarments, I actually did really enjoy this dress. It was soft, warm, very comfortable and I think its quite flattering. However- as with anything skin tight, it will accentuate the parts of you that you may not want accentuated.

Overall: my experience was good, I wore it out dancing and didn’t end up having any troubles whatsoever. PLUS- It was under $20! Right after I purchased this dress they ended up discontinuing this color, but it’s now available in a stunning red, black and green. I’m thinking I may end up ordering another in the army green.  We’ll see ❤ 🙂

Until next time! XOXO


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Seasonal Transitions


I find that 99.9% of the time, when picking out what I am going to wear for the day, I honestly always reach for whats simple, easy and maybe even a little bit understated. An over sized sweater, some textured jeggings and a pair of statement heels or boots are one of my favorite fall/early spring and or end of winter outfits. It’s just comfy and easy to throw together in a hurry! Plus there’s the added bonus of not having to carry around a coat or jacket all day and feeling like an overstuffed burrito…..But then again…. Maybe that’s just me lol! 🙂 Either way, it’s warm, comfortable and I would totally wear this out and about, going to run errands or even just snuggling up to a cozy afternoon with my handsome man at home ❤ 

What’s your go-to transitional outfit for those in between seasons?

Until next time! XOXO